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Approximately 115 persons die each day in motor vehicle crashes in the United States. This means that a death occurs every 13 minutes.

Insurance companies throughout the United States take advantage of innocent victims who fail to retain attorneys to protect their interest. Insurance companies know that victims do not have the culpability to protect themselves and their interests without the help of an attorney. As such, many people are tricked into providing information or improper statements that can be used against them, which result in an unfair offer of compensation. Therefore, it is very important to retain an attorney to protect your rights, and any misconception that victims of automobile accidents do not need attorney needs to be prohibited. Victims of automobile accidents remain vulnerable until an attorney is retained.

Today, given the horrendous stigmas associated with exercising one's legal right - especially when insurance companies routinely offer little or nothing for an accident unless the injured party has retained counsel - it is not uncommon for many victims injured in car accidents to attempt to negotiate directly with the insurance carrier themselves. In most instances, the individual is first met with insincere concern by the carrier, who then steadfastly proceeds to build a case against him/her.

Insurance companies routinely work with a select group of doctors who, unfortunately, tend to reach the same conclusions in virtually all cases, to wit: that little or no injury has been sustained. Obviously this is not the case where catastrophic injury has occurred, but even then, causation for the injury is often disputed, as is extent and need for future care. By the time the carrier is done with you, it will have a recorded statement regarding cause of the accident, it will have had you examined by "their" doctors, and it will be in a position to justify why your claim is worth relatively little. Do yourself a favor; avoid this scenario at all costs.

Unfortunately, there are over 40,000 fatalities each year as a result of automobile accidents. Over 3,500,000 injuries are sustained as a result of over 6,500,000 crashes that occur in the United States each year.

It probably comes at no surprise that rear-end collisions (whiplash accidents) are the most common vehicle collisions. Each year, well over 2,500,000 whiplash accidents are reported. Unfortunately, many people fail to take legal action within the time permitted by law. People in minor accidents end up having life-long injuries and never got compensation for such because they did not act timely.

Generally, insurance carriers seem to feel “whiplash accidents” are not as severe as other accidents. In fact, the No-Fault guidelines are drawn in such a way that many victims may not be compensated for such injuries. However, we feel that all peoples’ bodies are priceless and victims should not shy away from a claim.

No-Fault guidelines and insurance carriers attempt to deter people away from bringing suit when involved in a “whiplash accident” by trying to eliminate grounds for compensation. However, they fail to explain some injuries do not develop right away but rather over a period of time.

While it is difficult to generalize, each type of accident can produce different types of injuries. As we are increasingly learning, even low speed impacts can cause significant and permanent injury. You as victims must retain an attorney to protect future interests or potentially lose your right to sue due to a time barred claim.

CHOPRA & NOCERINO, LLP takes the necessary steps to properly present the auto/auto, auto/pedestrian, bicyclist, single vehicle, and motorcycle accidents. CHOPRA & NOCERINO, LLP, has professional attorney on hand to help you in all facets of litigation. We have trained professionals who help with investigations; obtain evidence, and secure witness statements to help bolster your claim. Our goal is to acquire the necessary information to help negotiate a settlement that is just in nature and properly compensates you for the injuries sustained. If a settlement cannot be reach prior to trial, then CHOPRA & NOCERINO’s specialized trial counsel often utilizes biomechanical engineers to professionally demonstrate the impact force that injured your body, even in low speed impacts. Our trial counsel will utilize reconstructions when necessary to help re-enact accident. Medical specialists will be utilized to help provide the jury with appropriate information about injuries sustained, and the probable residual impact of those injuries.

We have years of experience with automobile accidents and have attorneys who have been affiliated with and involved in several high profile cases with very large recoveries of over a million dollars.

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